Great Mines Health Center is looking for a Full-Time Dental Receptionist to join our dental team

Job purpose outline:

The primary objective of the Dental Receptionist is to administer the day-to-day activities of the business office, including: maintenance of the records of patients, scheduling of patients, accounts receivable, insurance eligibility and claims, maintaining appearance and order of the dental office, presentation of financial treatment plan options, and recall/reared systems. The Dental Receptionist may at times act as the Lead Dental Receptionist during the absence of the Lead Receptionist. The dental receptionist also acknowledges the “need to know” standard and will correspondingly only share confidential information with other employees with a “need to know” standard.

Duties include:

  1. Check the daily schedule for accuracy.
  2. Schedule patients for efficient use of doctor and staff time.
  3. Confirm the next day and the next week patient’s appointments.
  4. Answer and respond to telephone calls with professionalism.
  5. Greet and welcome patients and visitors to the practice.
  6. Check in patients, verify, and update patient information checking all documents for signatures and accuracy.
  7. Gather and accurately record insurance information from patients.
  8. See that records are stored securely and handled in compliance with HIPPA.
  9. Update insurance information on patients.
  10. Submit treatment plans for predetermination of benefits.
  11. Prepare and submit claims for payment by mail or electronically.
  12. Organize supporting materials for claim forms: radiographs and/or written narratives.
  13. Collect payment for treatment.
  14. Prepares financial treatment plans and presents plan options to patients.
  15. Maintains petty cash.
  16. Enter patient’s financial activity into account.
  17. Prepares bank deposit.
  18. Post checks received.
  19. Follow up on insurance claims
  20. Follow up on delinquent accounts.
  21. Helps explains office policy to patients.
  22. Manage recall systems.
  23. Make follow up appointments
  24. Assist in the treatment room as needed.
  25. Performs other duties as assigned.
  26. Communicates well with patients, fellow co-workers, management and Administration
  27. Provides updates on changes with patients medical history, financial status and treatment request.
  28. Maintains up to date knowledge of EMR and standard of care.
  29. Access behavior management regarding urgent patient situations, complaints, triage and assessments.
  30. Maintains a current and up to date CPR certification.
  31. No employee is permitted to meet with outside sources without acknowledgement and permission from administration.
  32. Maintains regular consistent and professional attendance avoiding tardiness and excessive absences.
  33. Distributes productive behavior during down time.
  34. Maintains a professional appearance, and adherence to relevant health and safety procedures.
  35. Acknowledges responsibility of reporting conflicts, violations or suspected violations in accordance with GMHC Policies.
  36. Acknowledgement of Policy, Procedures, Protocols, and emergency preparedness, including all yearly changes and updates.
  37. Has the employee received any disciplinary actions since his/her last evaluation?
    YES    NO
    Violation: _____________________________________________________________________
    Explanation: ___________________________________________________________________
  38. Performance appraisals are collaborated by the Dental Manager and the Dental Provider.

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