In any healthcare system, there is a set of patients who suffer from challenging, chronic illnesses and utilize emergency services at a higher rate than average. They often lack access to reliable primary care, especially when the nearest clinic may be dozens of miles away. Out of necessity, the only way these patients access healthcare is by seeking treatment at an emergency department. Unfortunately, emergency departments and 911 ambulance transports are expensive, which places additional burdens on the patient and simultaneously utilizes limited emergency resources.

At Washington County Ambulance District, we believe in providing high quality care to all our patients, not just the ones experiencing acute illness or injury. We also believe in responsible financial stewardship and look for ways to save residents their hard-earned money wherever possible. The antiquated method of transporting patients with chronic, sub-acute illnesses to emergency departments is no longer an acceptable standard.

The Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) initiative takes our highly skilled EMS clinicians into the homes of our patients BEFORE they call 911. This is a collaborative effort with Great Mines Health Center.  Our collective goal is to address a patients needs prior to it becoming a threat to life or limb, while also evading an expensive hospital visit. We can provide a physical and medical assessment, take vital signs, provide preventive and post-discharge care, in-home lab draws, point of care lab testing and whatever else the patient may require. Our MIH Paramedics function as the “eyes and ears” of our partner physicians and nurse practitioners at Great Mines Health Center, even serving as liaisons for adjusting medication dosages and writing new prescriptions. We can liaison for an on-site tele-health visit after an assessment has been completed to complete the continuum of care, right in the patient’s home!  We have found that our patients love this service. They receive more frequent medical attention, remain at home, and avoid the expensive emergency department visits.

We are constantly innovating and looking for ways to better serve our residents here in Washington. If you are interested in learning more about our MIH services, please contact our business office or reach out to our local Great Mines Health Center Community Health Worker.

WCAD Business Office: 573-438-3635

GMHC Community Health Worker:  573-438-8328